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CherryJuicePower Users
"In their own words"

We love our customers. At CherryJuicePower, we understand that a company is only as good as its customer satisfaction. That is why we take an active interest in what our customers have to say.

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"Last year I started to compete in the Masters Track and Field Competitions in the 75 to 79 age group. During training, my joints ached so badly that I was ready to give up. Then my wife discovered CherryJuicePower concentrate. Since I started using it, this year I set a new American Masters Indoor Record Throwing the Weight and also won a Silver Medal in The Hammer Throw in the World Masters Games in Puerto Rico."
-Val McGann, Artist, Kennebunkport, Maine

CherryJuicePower has been very effective for my patients. I will recommend CherryJuicePower to my patients."
-Dr. D. Brownstein, M.D.

"I have to write to tell you that after months of laughing over the thought that cherry juice would give me any help for my ole' knee, I am here to say; IT WORKS. Don't know how or why, but it does! May be the Doc's threat of shots and total knee replacement, can be forestalled a little longer! Thank you for such a great product!"
-Jan from Michigan

"Another firefighter told me about the juice.I could barely walk around the Wal-mart in our area without seating and limping all through the store. Well, it's been seven days since I first started taking the juice and I cannot believe the improvement in my legs".
-Frank from Hammond, Indiana

"CherryJuicePower has benefited the over all health of my husband and I. My husband recovered more quickly and with less discomfort and inflammation from a shoulder surgery because of the juice"
-Janis from Michigan


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In their own words

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Val McGann
Silver Medalist
World Masters Games

"Last year I started to compete in Masters Track and..." Read more