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Security Statement

Security at CherryJuicePower web site is designed so you may securely provide credit card information. All credit card transactions are authorized and processed through Paypal via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

SSL is the most advanced security system available and is the encryption method of choice for thousands of online commerce Web sites. When you send your credit card information to our order processing computer, SSL technology encrypts your data so it can only be decoded by our server.

Your credit card information is then verified by a credit card payment processor to make sure the name, address, credit card number, security number are valid. The data is encrypted before leaving the web server and sent to a receiving bank via Paypal where authorization will occur.

The bank will authorize the transaction and provide CherryJuicePower with an authorization code. If the transaction is approved, a confirmation that the sale has been successfully completed will be generated . The entire transaction takes place over the Internet and it happens within seconds.

Paypal payment system is the safest and most trusted payment system available on the internet.

CherryJuicePower will never give your information to any other company, we keep track of your name and address for convenience in future orders, but, for security purposes, you must enter your credit card number each time you want to make a purchase.

We can only provide secure transactions when accessed with web browsers that support SSL (i.e. Netscape Navigator v.3.0+, Microsoft Internet Explorer v.3.0+, and AOL v.3.0+ browsers). We recommend using a SSL enabled browser when making any online purchases through the CherryJuicePower web site.

Any questions? We take the issue of protecting your information seriously. If you have any concerns, questions, or just want to tell us what you think, feel free to send us e-mail: sales@cherryjuicepower.com or call our customer care at 800-404-2514 (9am - 5pm EST)

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