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    Make Your Own Juice, In Your Own Home, To Your Own Taste using CherryJuicePower Concentrate


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    "In their own words"

    We love our customers. At CherryJuicePower, we understand that a company is only as good as its customer satisfaction. That is why we take an active interest in what our customers have to say.

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    "Dale swears by CherryJuicePower concentrate. He has always had pain in his hands, back and hips for years but he is now virtually pain free".
    -Carol and Dale Williams, New Plymouth, Idaho

    "As an artist I use my hands when I had discomfort in my hands. I was introduced to CherryJuicePower, and took it along with Glocosamine for a month or so, but now I just take 3 glasses of CherryJuicePower a day. Works Great.
    -Yvonne Maree John from Olympia, Washington

    Note: Each person will respond differently to consuming the juice. Some people feel results within a few days. Others do not have pain relief until they have used the CherryJuicePower for four weeks or more. An uninterrupted supply of the juice is recommended to continue experiencing its beneficial properties.

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    In their own words

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    Val McGann
    Silver Medalist
    World Masters Games

    "Last year I started to compete in Masters Track and..." Read more