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Val McGann
Silver Medalist
World Masters Games

"Last year I started to compete in the Masters Track and Field Competitions in the 75 to 79 age group. During training, my joints ached so badly that I was ready to give up. Then my wife discovered CherryJuicePower concentrate. Since I started using it, this year I set a new American Masters Indoor Record Throwing the Weight and also won a Silver Medal in The Hammer Throw in the World Masters Games in Puerto Rico."
Val McGann, Artist, Kennebunkport, Maine

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Note: Each person will respond differently to consuming the juice. In particular, the pain relief results may vary. Some people feel results within a few days. Others do not have pain relief until they have used the CherryJuicePower for four weeks or more. Uninterrupted supply of the juice is recommended to continue experiencing its beneficial properties.

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Val McGann
Silver Medalist
World Masters Games

"Last year I started to compete in Masters Track and..." Read more